Solar PV labeling has been simplified for the 2017 code version. Here are the labels required by the NEC and/or NFPA 1 for the typical solar installation.

NEC 690.13(B)

NEC 690.13(B) label is required at each PV system disconnecting means. This will include combiner boxes, AC/DC switches & AC Disconnects.

NEC 690.13(B)

NEC 690.13(B) label is an optional addition to the previous label on systems where the line and load sides of the disconnect may be energized. This label is not required but “shall be permitted” by the NEC.

NEC 690.31(G)(3)

NEC 690.31(G)(3) label is required at all areas where PV system conductors are enclosed including junction boxes, raceways, conduit bodies, pull boxes, etc.

NEC 690.53

NEC 690.53 label is required at all DC disconnects. This label will not be required for microinverter systems since there are no DC disconnects.

NEC 690.54

NEC 690.54 label is required at the point of interconnection disconnecting means, i.e. the AC disconnect.

NEC 690.56(B)/705.10

NEC 690.56(B) or NEC 705.10 label is now required in the 2017 version of the NEC at every power source disconnecting means denoting the location(s) of the other power source(s) disconnecting means. This label may be in words as shown or an illustration.

NEC 690.56(C)(1)

NEC 690.56(C)(1) label is new to NEC 2017 and would be required for all installs done under this version of the code. It is required at the service disconnecting means of the property. Note: an additional label may be required for additions where the original inverters did not have MLPEs (optimizers or microinverters). Since MLPEs is essentially required by the 2017 code, new installs will not need this additional label (not shown here).

NEC 690.56(C)(3)

NEC 690.56(C)(3) label is required at the rapid shut down switch for the system. Typically, that is going to be the AC disconnect.

NEC 705.12(B)(3)

NEC 705.12(B)(3) label is required at the main service equipment.

NEC 705.12(B)(2)(3)(b)

NEC 705.12(B)(2)(3)(b) label is required only if the interconnection is made at the end of a busbar using the 120% rule per NEC 705.12(B)(2)(3)(b). See more on this here.

NEC 705.12(B)(2)(3)(c)

NEC 705.12(B)(2)(3)(c) label is only required if the interconnection is made using the sum rule (or 100% rule as it is commonly called) as permitted by NEC 705.12(B)(2)(3)(c). See more on this here.


While not required by the NEC, this label is required by NFPA 1 (Fire Code) at the main service disconnect on the property.

As you can see the NEC 2017 labeling for Solar PV is not complicated and very easy to follow. If you have any questions/comments or ever need engineering plans for your solar project please reach out to our team.


David S Fox

June 9, 2023

what about the plaque directory in 705.10



June 11, 2023

690.56(B) references 705.10. You can have a plaque with an illustration or simply using words.


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