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Choose Ecuip Engineering for advancing your solar energy projects. With unmatched expertise. Specializing in commercial and residential solar systems, our team delivers precise engineering plans and solar system installation support you can trust.

Benefit from our strong local networks in Florida, ensuring enhanced due diligence and quicker approvals. We navigate local and national regulations, maximizing industry incentives to propel your project forward. With a legacy of over 3,000 successful projects across 200 jurisdictions, we are your reliable partner for innovative, cost-efficient, and timely solar solutions.

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Solar Panels Florida

Our versatile expertise allows us to contribute to any stage of your solar project, from initial development to construction and eventual decommissioning.

We adapt to the unique demands of projects of all sizes, from residential and commercial scale projects, ensuring timely delivery even under tight deadlines.We are a proven ally in the solar engineering sector, proudly contributing to over 3,000 successful solar projects across 200 jurisdictions in Florida.

Our unified team

Supporting Florida Solar Projects all the Way

Our unified team of multidisciplinary solar engineering experts seamlessly serves businesses and individuals across Florida, delivering top-quality results with consistent communication. We manage a range of solar projects from inception to completion, offering a range of services including:

  • Solar System Design and Engineering
  • Regulatory Compliance and Approval Management
  • Solar Installation Support
  • Solar Project Management
  • Advanced Electrical Engineering
  • Solar System Performance Optimization
  • Solar Permitting Facilitation
  • Electrical Engineering and Power Services
  • Consultation on Solar Panel Capacity for Commercial Buildings

Our engineering expertise

Our Solar Engineering Services

Our engineering expertise simplifies your solar energy journey from concept to completion. With Equip, your project is nurtured from idea to implementation seamlessly. Our team’s knowledge encompasses various aspects of solar engineering, ensuring your projects benefit from a wealth of expertise and a broad spectrum of solutions, including:

Solar Feasibility

Work with a team proficient in Solar Feasibility Studies, essential for initiating your solar project. We assess the economic and technical aspects of your plan, guaranteeing a feasible and effective execution.

Structural Engineering

Installing solar panels is a task that hinges on proficient structural engineering. This is pivotal in determining the viability of a rooftop solar project. Our engineers meticulously evaluate your roof’s structure and condition, ensuring it can support the added weight of solar panels.

Electrical Engineering

Efficiency is key to the cost-effectiveness of solar power installations. Our team will optimize the PV efficiency of your solar system, ensuring maximum electricity generation from available sunlight.

Permitting and Certification Support

Going solar requires specific permits from local authorities and electric companies. Our team streamlines this process, offering dedicated support in Solar Permitting and Certification, ensuring a smooth and stress-free approval process.

Your Solar Engineering Needs

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Elevate your solar projects with Ecuip Engineering, your dedicated partner in navigating the complexities of solar energy. With a wealth of experience, Ecuip transforms your solar visions into successful realities.

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    We Are More Than Consultants

    We are more than consultants; we are strategic partners committed to creating a seamless and efficient solar journey for you. Based in Florida, Ecuip is synonymous with reliability and innovation, successfully delivering over 3,000 projects. We handle projects from start to finish, guaranteeing precision and quality throughout. Contact us at +1 813 438 3035 or fill in our contact form, and our team will respond promptly.

    Pioneering the future of clean energy with cutting-edge engineering solutions. Streamlining the deployment of solar energy systems for a greener tomorrow.


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