Outsourcing non-core functions can be beneficial for companies, even those in the solar industry. For instance, outsourcing solar engineering services can help companies get up and running quickly and ultimately stay in business. However, it’s essential to find the right people or firm to outsource your business to.

Here are five major benefits of outsourcing solar engineering services:

  1. Maintain Continuity: Finding qualified candidates for solar engineering services is challenging due to the newness of the rooftop solar field and the necessary certifications and education. Employee turnover can disrupt a company’s operations, but outsourcing can limit that risk and enable operations to continue even if an employee leaves.
  2. Staffing Flexibility: Like most businesses, solar companies may experience ebbs and flows of demand. The ability to use engineering services on an as-needed basis can save money and prevent layoffs due to a lack of cash flow. During these downtimes, company funds can be better spent on business development activities.
  3. Focus on Core Activities: A company’s resources will be best spent on developing and improving core activities while non-core functions, such as engineering and design, are outsourced. Employing a dedicated team for engineering and design may divert resources away from the company’s main focus: installing the most solar in the least amount of time with high-quality workmanship.
  4. Access to Expertise: Designing a solar system accurately requires knowledge of electrical and structural engineering specific to each of the over 200 jurisdictions in Florida alone, along with an in-depth understanding of the specific codes and rules enforced. Solar companies can benefit from the combined experiences of a firm focused on solar engineering services rather than in-house trial and error.
  5. Risk is Shared: Reputable engineering firms stand by their work and are backed by large insurance policies specific to that line of business. By outsourcing, some or even all of the liability may be passed onto them depending on the situation.

However, there are five outsourcing concerns that companies should be aware of:

  1. Lack of Quality Control: Outsourcing can mean not having full control over the quality of work.

How we address this: Constantly updating and upgrading our solar engineering services Keeping a close eye on competitors and industry standards to ensure we exceed expectations every time Leveraging the latest technology and tools to ensure accuracy and consistent quality Seeking feedback at every opportunity

  1. Limited Access to Service and Support at All Times: By not having control over operations, you are at the mercy of the outsourced firm’s operational standards.

How we address this: We are always there for our clients. Unlike our competitors, our lines are always open for questions and help – even after hours.

  1. Workflow Transparency: Information on project status and priority may not always be readily available, leading to improper planning and execution.

How we address this: We provide a custom dashboard for our clients to track the status and access project deliverables at any given time.

  1. Hidden and Uncertain Costs: Complex pricing and cost structures can lead to unexpectedly large invoices that may exceed project budgets.

How we address this: Our cost is based per project to provide consistent pricing with no surprises.

  1. Lack of Commitment: No one will be more committed to your work than you. This is why some companies are hesitant to outsource.

How we address this: Our success grows with our clients’ success, so we are committed to helping them succeed in any way we can. This is reflected in our unmatched quality of service.

Outsourcing solar engineering services can be an extremely powerful tool if managed correctly. Clear expectations need to be set to ensure there aren’t any unfavorable surprises after the fact. Ecuip Engineering is committed to providing high-quality engineering services while also feeling like part of the team, addressing many of these concerns through constant updating and upgrading of services, open communication channels, providing a custom dashboard, consistent pricing, and a dedication to the success of their clients.

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